Google Analytics Essential Training

Analytics and data measuring tools are incredibly important and useful, from helping you understand your customers to increase traffic to your website and help will help to improve your business sales. In this onsite training, we’re going to look at Google Analytics from the absolute beginner’s point of view.

Training Date:
Will be confirmed after full payment is made. For only weekdays from 9am to 1pm daily. Not available on Public Holidays.

Training Time: 9am-1pm (4 hours)

Training Location:
Customer’s office or other preferred location with internet connection.

Onsite Training Cost: $450 (up to 5 participants)

Who Should Attend

  1. Marketing professionals who want to gain better understanding of website analytics and optimize marketing activities.
  2. Business owner/Entrepreneur who wants to manage your own website and marketing strategy, or wants to manage your agency and staff better.
  3. Curious about how Google Analytics works.

Learning Objective:

  1. Use Google Analytics for their websites
  2. Understand the metrics behind web analytics
  3. Gain insights from traffic sources, visitor and content data
  4. Use analytics to improve advertising & marketing ROI
  5. Integrate insights with Search Engine Marketing

Topics include:

  1. Introduction to Google Analytics
  2. Limitations of Google Analytics
  3. Setting up an account
  4. Installing tracking code on a site
  5. Reading the dashboard and understanding high-level metrics
  6. Understanding how visitors use and navigate web site content
  7. Analyzing visitor and traffic source reports
  8. Linking Google Ads, Google Search Console with Google Analytics
  9. Tracking Ads and other marketing campaigns
  10. Selecting and comparing date ranges
  11. Using flow visualization to see how visitors navigate through a site
  12. Identifying slow-performing pages
  13. Performing real-time analysis
  14. Measure website page load performance
  15. Configuring and analyzing internal site search

Course Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule the training due to unforeseen circumstances. If the training is cancelled, we will refund 100% to customer.

Contact Ms Pei Ying at (65) 80198656 or submit online form here for enquiry on this Corporate & Group Onsite Training.

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