Beginner’s Guide To Google Ads


Are you interested in reaching new customers online with Google Ads? Given Google’s expansive reach, chances are you’ve seen (and probably clicked on) a Google ad and so have your potential customers. Whether you’re still researching if Google Ads is right for you, or getting ready to set up your first campaign, use our online course for a step-by-step look at how to get started for your Google Ads campaign. Want to learn more? Register for our online course today. Limited slots!

Note the minimum class size to start a class is 10 PAX.

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Competing online to gain new customers is a tricky prospect. There are a lot of savvy marketers out there who know all the ins and outs of online marketing, making it a lot easier for them to gain that market share you have been struggling to capture. You can get in on the action if you can learn to use the same tricks as the pros do.

One of the most effective methods of driving traffic, whether you’re looking to bring more sales to your website or drive leads, is through paid search advertising. The most popular platform to advertise with is Google Ads and one of those tricks is learning how to use Google Ads to effectively get a website traffic that is looking to buy the goods or services you sell. Especially when the race to reach the first page of Google search results is highly competitive and trying to reach the first page, even with excellent SEO may easily take months or even a year.

Here’s the thing. Google Ads work, and they can give you nearly-instant results. Businesses have seen big success with Google Ads. Taking that first step seems like an easy choice and you can get up and running in less than an hour. However, many stop short when they see the requirements. As Google Ads is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) system, you have to bid on keywords, set a budget to create Ads campaigns. Now before you sound the alarms, don’t be put off. Using Google Ads at a basic level is an achievable feat for the beginner, as is learning how to optimise your account to drive more traffic to your site.

In this online course for beginners guide to Google Ads, you’ll discover what is Google Ads so that you can manage your own account all by yourself and what you need to know to begin advertising on Google. Also, we’ll discuss how you can use ads on Google to get more visibility for your business and will share a clear guide on how to advertise on Google to achieve the best results with your ads. Let’s dive in and register for our online course today!

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Note the minimum class size to start a class is 10 PAX.

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