Online Live Courses

Does your organization face the challenge of delivering  training to employees throughout your organization on a limited budget as bringing people together can be both costly and time-consuming? Or are your stretched schedules standing in the way for our courses?

Fortunately, there are ways to make your live online training more convenient and accessible for you or your organization employees who are always on the go. JoomLearning offers a virtual live training which delivery method allows students to attend a live instructor-led class from the convenience of their home, office, or other location of choice.

For the times when face-to-face training is not possible, remote’s online training are a turnkey solution with available customization options. Our training virtually are applied in a virtual environment, ensuring full engagement and  interaction and allows training to be delivered remotely in an engaging and impactful way.

What are the benefits of Online Live Training?

  • Save money with affordable class pricing and no travel expenses
  • Save time. The class comes to you!
  • Learn more in a place where you’re comfortable and can avoid distractions
  • No setup required, just access to high-speed Internet
  • Learning that engages you with real-time interaction with instructors
  • Choose what you need to learn from a wide range of courses

With our Online Live Training, you get all of the benefits above and also a traditional classroom instruction- you can interact with the instructor and other students, you can follow along on the instructor’s screen, and the instructor can even take over your computer to assist with labs or exercises- with the added benefits of flexibility and convenience of virtual learning! Contact us today.


You will be sent a training manual when you register, along with instruction on how and when to join the Online Live Training session. Our Online Live Training is not a video feed from an onsite classroom, where the remote students are an afterthought. It’s live training with a live instructor interacting with the remote students.

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