One-To-One & Small Group Training

Are you the type that is unable to concentrate in a classroom environment? Look no further and join our personal training program now! Our qualified trainer will be giving you extensive attention and answering all your queries and uncertainties.

Under our personal training program, we offer personalized one to one and small group professional training to our clients, providing them the freedom to individually express and communicate with our trainers for maximum absorption of the concepts learned. Our personal trainers provide complete undivided attention to the learners ensuring in-depth understanding and unparalleled learning experience. The needs of the learners are kept in mind at all times starting from the preparation of the module till the execution and completion of the learning program. 

Our personal training program ensures that no learner is left behind alone in the hustle of a classroom-teaching program. We believe that there can be no substitution for direct one to one human interaction. Our program assures that every course and schedule is personalized for individual learning professional giving you chance to learn more in lesser time.

Most of all, to all those who cannot make it for our usual training schedules, this is the program for you. Meet up places will be totally up to you and we can arrange your training at your preferred location for your convenience. The added benefit of personal training program is that you are able to move at your exact pace so whether you fly through one bit or want to spend a bit more time on something then that is entirely up to you.

READY TO TRY ONE TO ONE OR IN SMALL GROUP? NO COMMITMENT. NO PRESSURE. Call us now to book your first personal training appointment.

Important Note

  1. Minimum commitment will be 4 hours for maximum learning experience at a hourly rates of S$100 per hour ($25/hr per additional pax).
  2. Personal training is available during weekdays with appointment from 9.30am to 5.30pm daily.

We can arrange an individual training or consultation session to address a specific training need for you. To view our available training courses for Personal Training, please click here

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